What kind of process should I anticipate when hiring BMJ Designs for a job?

Each job will begin with a signed digital contract outlining the scope of the project and if there are any down payments required. We will communicate frequently to discuss the project as we work on it to make sure it is everything you imagined. Once it is complete, you will sent any applicable files and/or your printed materials will be drop shipped to you.

Who owns the artwork once the job is done?

The client will always own the artwork when the project is completed. BMJ Designs reserves the right to use any artwork we create to promote our business. Ownership of work is covered in each project contract.

What is included in my annual web hosting plan?

With each web hosting plan, you will receive unlimited server space, unlimited email addresses, customer support for your website, and free updates to your site. Any minor tweaks you need to your website will also be taken care of free of charge. If we deem a tweak to be too substantial we may charge our hourly rate to complete the request.